How H2o Salon Recycles

How H2o Salon Recycles

H2o Salon is committed to finding new ways to be ecofriendly. Recently, we undertook to recycle all of the sheets of aluminum foil that we use for highlighting, in addition to recycling the plastic bottles of products that we use for styling, shampooing and conditioning our clients’ hair. But recycling these sheets and bottles isn’t as easy as it might sound. To help others, we’d like to share a few of the things we’ve learned about recycling in Urbana.

Hair Foils

Every day, every salon in the nation uses small, brand new sheets of aluminum foil to separate hair when highlighting. In that respect, H2o Salon is no different! Every foil that touches our clients’ hair is always brand new and has never been used before. But when we’re finished with a foil at H2o Salon, we don’t simply throw it into the garbage where it’ll find its way to a landfill. Instead, H2o Salon recycles our hair foils.

Doing so is not as easy as merely tossing them into the recycling bin, however! Before we recycle a sheet of aluminum foil, we must first wash it thoroughly with soap and hot water, removing any trace of hair product (or hair!) from the foil. Then, we lay the sheets out flat so they can dry completely. After this, we ball the foil sheets up together, creating a large ball. Too small of a ball, and the aluminum foil won’t be recycled, but instead will be removed and put in the garbage! We aim to make a ball the size of a grapefruit or larger, to be sure that the aluminum foil will make its way through the recycling process. Balling up the aluminum foil can be quite fun, however. It can be a great activity for your kids and a fun way to get them involved in the recycling process!

Hard Plastics

Like hair foils, plastic bottles cannot be recycled without being thoroughly cleaned. We wash and dry every bottle, taking care to make sure that all product residue has been removed from the container. We also do this for any food containers we’ve brought in for lunches, snacks or parties. According to the guidelines put forth by Urbana, if a container even smells of food, it will be removed from the recycling process and placed in the garbage. Take care to clean your plastics before placing them in the recycling bin!

Soft Plastics

In Urbana, soft plastics like Ziploc bags are not recyclable, unfortunately. Plastic bags like the kind you get at the grocery store also cannot go into your regular curbside bin because of the damage they can do to the recycling machinery. However, all is not lost. You can still recycle these bags!

Several major retailers around the Urbana-Champaign area will take plastic bags, including Walmart. At Walmart in particular, be sure to look for the big blue boxes marked for recycling near the entrance. To find other retail locations that take plastic bags for recycling, check out the website “Plastic Film Recycling” and use their Dropoff Location Lookup feature. There are a number of options for recycling plastic bags in Urbana-Champaign!

Now you know a few ways that H2o Salon recycles. We hope we’ve inspired you to recycle as well, and given you some helpful information for helping save the planet!

Local Artists Welcome at H2o Salon!

Calling All Artists!

Are you a local artist in the central Illinois area? Do you paint, take photographs, or work with metal, paper, or clay to create beautiful original artwork?

How would you like to display your art in H2o Salon?

H2o Salon is looking for local artists to show their work in our salon. You can display your art for sale during one of our great events, like Urbana’s Downtown Get Down, or install and sell your art in the salon on an ongoing basis. Many types of art are welcome, whether you do photography, metalwork, pottery, painting, jewelry, textile arts, drawing and more!


Contact us today and ask about how H2o Salon can become a new home-away-from-home for your unique creations!

Call 217-337-1480 or contact us online!

Sustainable, ecofriendly Refill Station now available at H2o Salon!

Visit our Nature’s Corner Zero Waste Refill Station!


You care about the environment and you care about your hair. But finding great products from companies that share your passion for organic, sustainable, cruelty-free hair care can be difficult.


Until now.

H2o Salon in Urbana is proud to introduce our new Nature’s Corner Refill Station, where we offer sustainable, ecofriendly products to meet myriad hair and skin care needs.

Experience the luxury of hair care by Organic Way, a fair trade leader in agricosmetics from Bologna, Italy. Organic Way is PETA Cruelty-Free Certified, with a wide variety of organic, ethically sourced, botanical ingredients.

Explore the incredible, long-lasting, solid shampoo, conditioner, and shave bars from Cream City Soap Company. Each Cream City Soap Company bar is vegan, free of any artificial colors or fragrances, and TSA friendly as well!

Reduce waste by taking home your new favorite product in one of our reusable containers, or bring your own. H2o Salon has options for everyone!

Come by H2o Salon in Urbana and explore how our Nature’s Corner Refill Station can become your new favorite one-stop shop for hair care today!

See the beautiful photography of Sue Osborne at the Boneyard Arts Festival!

The Boneyard Arts Festival is coming to H2o Salon on April 5th and 6th!

The Boneyard Arts Festival is coming up and H2o Salon will be hosting the talented Sue Osborne and her amazing photography! Sue’s artistic vision encompasses landscape, macro, urban photography and more, with images ranging from Illinois to New Orleans and beyond. Come to the opening show on Friday April 5th from 4pm till 8pm, or visit on Saturday during business hours (9am till 4pm) to see her beautiful work… or scroll down for a sample now!

You can also follow Sue Osborne on Facebook at

Support local artists and enjoy beautiful art with H2o Salon and the Boneyard Arts Festival, this coming Friday April 5th and Saturday April 6th. We hope to see you there!

Face Painting and More on Urbana's First Friday!

A Great Time for the Whole Family!

H2o Salon has so many fun, complimentary activities planned this coming First Friday in Urbana. Want to join in? Visit H2o Salon this Friday, July 6th from 5PM to 6PM!

Check out what we've got coming:

Face painting

Complimentary eyebrow waxing

Hair painting with chalk

Complimentary color consultations

Complimentary nail consultations

Don’t miss this great opportunity for fun for whole family! Come by H2o Salon from 5PM till 6PM on July 6th!






Navigate Negativity — The Right Way

Learning to Navigate Negativity with Gina Johnson

Sometimes, it can feel like negativity is all around us. Politics, crime, life events that leave us reeling. It can be overwhelming.

But what if we could learn to navigate it? What if we could live a more positive life, no matter what is happening around us?

Photo by Jenna Akers

Photo by Jenna Akers

On May 3rd, H2o Salon was proud to host an event that explored that exact topic—and with terrific results. Author and Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Gina Johnson, came by for a book signing and author talk about her release, Let’s Make It A Habit: Train Your Brain to Navigate Negativity.

What a night! Gina began by telling guests a story of heartbreaking loss and rejection in her own life. Through perseverance, she overcame those obstacles to create a life she couldn’t have imagined only a few years before—and now she wants to do the same for others. She then explained in straightforward terms why our brains gravitate toward focusing on the negative in life, why that’s natural, and what we can do about it.

Photo by Jenna Akers

Photo by Jenna Akers

Exploring everything from epigenetics to evolution, in easy to understand terms, Gina taught guests that ‘thinking positive’ not only isn’t enough, it isn’t effective in the long term. To change the way we think and feel, we must train ourselves in healthy mental habits, with the ultimate goal of seeing the negative with a healthier perspective and giving equal weight to the positive in our lives. When we do that, wonderful changes can follow!

Photo by Gina Johnson, used with permission.

Photo by Gina Johnson, used with permission.

After the event, there was a time of lively discussion. Guests shared their own thoughts and experiences, including behaviors and tools they have employed to change their lives in more positive ways. The discussion ranged from practices such as sharing positive quotes or messages on social media, to practicing yoga and meditation, to finding sources for positive news, such as SunnySkyz and GoodNewsNetwork.

If you would like more information about how to live a positive life, visit Gina online at You can also find your copy of Let’s Make It A Habit: Train Your Brain to Navigate Negativity at H2o Salon or on Gina’s website at

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Free Services on First Friday!

Free Salon Services from 5PM till 6PM!

Are you going to Urbana's First Friday this month? You should, because H2o Salon will be offering FREE services from 5-6PM on Friday June 1st!

What free services, you ask? Well, check them out below!


Chalk Hair Painting

Go wild! Go crazy! Pick the color of your dreams and test drive it for a day! Amy or Lacy will paint your hair with chalk this Friday between 5PM and 6PM, so stop by to turn your hair a bright new color. The color will last till your next hair wash, and be bright and fun till then!

Color Consultation

Want to try something new and permanent with your hair color, but you don't know where to begin? Maggie will meet with you to discuss your ideas and answer any questions you might have about tailoring a unique and beautiful look just for you!

Nail Shaping and Consultation

Wondering about how to care for your cuticles? Not sure what nail care regimen is right for you? Get your nails shaped for free and have a consultation with Jeanie to get answers for all your nail care questions!

Eyebrow Waxing

Give yourself an instant facelift and frame your beautiful eyes! Edith and Sara can give you a fresh look in only minutes with a quick and easy eyebrow wax. 

Be sure to come by early and claim your spot for these great offerings!

Makeover Madness 2018!

Do you love a great makeover? We do too!

Recently, H2o Salon had the privilege of participating in Eufora's 2018 Makeover Madness. We joined with salons around the country in transforming our models' hair and makeup to create some fantastic looks we love. Would you like to see? Check out the makeovers below!

Makeover by Edith Peacock

Who says makeovers can't turn out both professional and fun? Edith's can! 

When working with model Tina Stewart, Edith chose a gorgeous A-line bob cut to flatter Tina's lovely face. Edith interspersed Tina's locks with thin slices of vibrant color, using a combination of Citrus Orange, Purple Iris, and Sunflower Yellow from Eufora's Artisan color line. For shampoo and conditioner, Edith chose the Eufora Frizz Control shampoo and conditioner, and then followed those with Eufora Sculpture and Eufora Illuminate. After blow-drying, Edith added the Curl'n Defining Solution by Eufora and then Tame by Eufora as well to finish off this great makeover.

Doesn't Tina look fabulous? 


Makeover by Maggie Hurley

Runway ready! That's what we have to say about Maggie's beautiful makeover with Kathy Bock. When working with Kathy, Maggie chose the stunning shades of Fuchsia Berry blended with Lime Blossom and Aloe Green from the Eufora Artisan line to create this vibrant shade for Kathy's curls. For shampoo, Maggie used the Eufora Beautifying Elixir Bodifying shampoo, and then followed that with the great styling products of Eufora Sculpture, Illuminate, Smooth'n Straightening Balm, Pure Polish, Boost, Retain, and Elevate to craft every curl. Beautiful! 


Makeover by Sara Stewart

Breathtaking curls, color, and makeup complete the makeover that stylist Sara Stewart designed for model Clare Herrick. With strands of Eufora Artisan Sunflower Yellow, Citrus Orange, Red Rose, and EuforaColor 8.11 interwoven throughout the waves of Clare's hair, Sara crafted a multilayered waterfall of color, and then finished up her work with a skillful application of Glo Makeup. 

We think the woodlands are missing a beautiful faerie, don't you? 


Makeover by Amy Graef

'Fiery and feisty' could describe the look that stylist Amy Graef created for lovely model Sierra Dupliessis. To achieve this fantastic color, Amy used Eufora Artisan shades of Citrus Orange, Sunflower Yellow, and Fuchsia Berry. She washed Sierra's locks with Eufora Beautifying Elixirs Bodifying Shampoo, and then set Sierra's hair with Eufora ElixirOne, Eufora Sculpture, and Eufora Behave before blow drying. After that, she protected Sierra's locks from heat styling—and helped them hold their curl—with the use of Eufora Retain. She finished the look with Eufora Elevate and Eufora Illuminate for body and shine.

We think Sierra looks ready for some fun in the bright summer sun, don't you? 


Makeover by Lacy Miller

Vibrant. Stunning. Professional-yet-fun. So many words could describe the exquisite look that stylist Lacy Miller crafted for model Jace Stone. Using a fabulous color melt technique to create an organic blend of hues, Lacy combined shades of Eufora Artisan Purple Iris, Teal Waters, and Pink Peony, along with EuforaColor 6.6. To finish off this beautiful design, Lacy used Eufora Sculpture, Eufora Illuminate, Eufora PieceWorks, and Eufora Elevate. Gorgeous!  


Now for you!

Want your own makeover? Interested in any of the products you've read about here? Come see us for a complimentary consultation. We'd love to help you craft your own new, just-for-you look. Call us at 217-337-1480 or book an appointment online today!

H2o Salon Welcomes Author Gina Johnson!

Navigate Negativity to Find a More Positive Life!

Let's Make It A Habit: Train Your Brain to Navigate Negativity

Let's Make It A Habit: Train Your Brain to Navigate Negativity

Would you like to live a more positive life? Do you feel confronted by negativity instead? What if you could learn to navigate your way through that negativity to find the positive life you dream of? 

Now you can!

Come to H2o Salon on May 3rd at 6:30pm and meet Gina Johnson, licensed mental health therapist, life coach, and author of Let's Make It A Habit: Train Your Brain to Navigate Negativity. Johnson will be providing an author talk about her new book, teaching you ways to navigate the negativity in your life. She'll also have copies of her book on hand for sale and for signing.

You can have the positive life you want. Come to H2o Salon on May 3rd at 6:30pm to learn how!


About the Author

Gina Johnson is founder of Goodthingz, an online community and lifestyle brand that encourages people to slow down, take a break, and share all the little things that energize and inspire for a bigger, brighter outlook on life. She has made it her life’s passion to help people manage their responses to negative life situations, negative people, and negative things. A Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Gina holds a Master of Social Work from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and advanced certifications in trauma/loss and life/business coaching.

Find out more about Gina Johnson and Goodthingz at For more about Let's Make It A Habit, visit:

Gina Johnson, LCSW, MSW

Gina Johnson, LCSW, MSW

H2o Salon Hosts Yurie Kim of YK Glass on First Friday

Plus... stylists offer complimentary services too! 

Have you been to a First Friday event in Urbana? They're a blast! So many great things to see and experience, and this coming First Friday, H2o Salon will be taking part in the fun in a big way!

Jewelry box by Yurie Kim

Jewelry box by Yurie Kim

Yurie Kim of YK Glass

H2o Salon is proud to host the amazing Yurie Kim of YK Glass.

Yurie's beautiful and versatile glass art is a great addition to any home, office, dorm room -- or even your front yard! From jewelry boxes to sun catchers to jewelry and garden decorations, Yurie has made it all. She even incorporates wire into her glass designs, adding beautiful layers of dimension and creativity to the piece. 

Necklace by Yurie Kim

Necklace by Yurie Kim

You can find out more about Yurie's work on social media. 



Be sure to stop by and visit with Yurie Kim at H2o Salon on May 4th!


NEW! Stylists offer complimentary services for First Friday from 5pm till 6pm!

From 5PM till 6PM on May 4th, the stylists of H2o Salon will be offering a selection of complimentary services. Check them out below!

Chalk Hair Painting

Want to go wild and crazy--but only for a day? Come have your hair painted with chalk by Amy or Lacy! The color will last till your next hair wash, and be bright and fun till then!

Color Consultation

Have you thought about trying something new with your color, but you don't know where to begin? Maggie will meet with you to discuss your ideas and answer any questions you might have about tailoring a unique and beautiful look just for you!

After your consultation, be sure to grab your $20 off coupon from Maggie. This coupon is good for $20 off a color service!

Nail Shaping and Consultation

Wondering about how to care for your cuticles? Not sure what nail care regimen is right for you? Get your nails shaped for free and have a consultation with Jeanie to get answers for all your nail care questions!

Eyebrow Waxing

Give yourself an instant facelift and frame your beautiful eyes! Edith and Sara can give you a fresh look in only minutes with a quick and easy eyebrow wax. 

Be sure to come by early and claim your spot for these great offerings!

More great designs by Yurie Kim of YK Glass... 

Super Mario Garden Decoration by Yurie Kim

Super Mario Garden Decoration by Yurie Kim

Hair Clip by Yurie Kim

Hair Clip by Yurie Kim

Coral Glass Bowl by Yurie Kim

Coral Glass Bowl by Yurie Kim